wot it is, wot it wuz, wot it shall b. snevil is a movement, a religion, a lifestyle, an empire, and a grey pussycat. snevil will sneeze on your food and you'll like it. snevil will enhance your dreams and will not cause the dreaded 'niacin flush'. snevil will allow you to kiss his paw. maybe. in the future... more! for now... this.

i'm writing a novel. Read it here.

new!! Whitehead's Weird Week

the many names of Marie
goddamn funnies
mungo and henrey 1 and 2 and 3
rools like ozzy
rumored to exist
madness and strangeness...
Ye Olde Fred Norris Fan Club
i'm looking for a job

it's gonna look better later

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fluxion (c.1550) "Lloyd Treas. Health (1585) A ``Horsnesse, and continuall fluxion of snevill in old men."
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